Ext JS Disabling Form Field Labels

Making a form field label look disabled when the form field is disabled by adding an override to Ext JS.

Ext.override(Ext.form.Field, {
    onDisable : function(){
        if(this.getItemCt) {
            var label = this.getItemCt().child('label');
            if (label) label.addClass(['find-label-disabled', 'x-item-disabled']);
    onEnable : function(){
        if(this.getItemCt) {
            var label = this.getItemCt().child('label');
            if(label) label.removeClass(['find-label-disabled', 'x-item-disabled']);

In this specific case, I had to add

	.find-label-disabled {
		background-color: white;

since the background was white and I didn’t want funny green text.

Unfortunately, I no longer have the link to the posting in the Ext JS forums.


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