ExtJS 4 Mock Response for File Upload

I’ve found it very helpful when working with Ext JS to build a mock application so that I can easily play with the UI. Usually I load data for grids and forms and such by having the url go to a file (I usually put a .json extension) that is a JSON object with the fields I need.

I did this for a form submit that includes a file upload field. In this case the submit becomes a mulitpart POST request. The reponse to the client needs to have a content-type of text/html. The mock responses never have a content-type set. Instead, I made the mock response file look like this:

	"success" : true,
	"message" : "Email successfully sent"

This is good enough for Ext JS to properly handle the response for a request like this:

			var emailForm = emailPanel.getForm();
			if ( emailForm.isValid() ) {
					url: './mymockapp/emailresponse.json',
					scope: this,
					success: this.onEmailResponse,
					failure: this.onEmailResponse


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