Ext JS 4 – Cell Editing and Blur Event

I have a grid panel using the cell editing plugin. There is also a Save button on panel top toolbar. When editing a field in the grid and then clicking the save button without tabbing out of the field being edited the blur event of the cell occurred after the Save button handler. It happened consistently in IE8.

I found this very helpful post EditorGridPanel -delay in firing Blur Event causes Bug on the Sencha forums and utilized the same solution, with a slight update for Ext 4. I called plugin.completeEdit() at the beginning of my save handler.

Plugin declaration:

var cellEditing = Ext.create('Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing', {
	pluginId: 'cellplugin',
	clicksToEdit: 1,
	listeners : {
		scope: this,
		// put listeners here

At the beginning of the save button handler:

onSave : function () {
	var grid = this.child('#divGrid'), plugin;

	plugin = grid.getPlugin('cellplugin');
	// now do what is needed for save

Ext JS Version: 4.0.7


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