Chaining Sidekiq Workers

I’m working on an Rails app which syncs data with a 3rd party.  It turned out though that when one change was made in my application, it unfortunately needed to make 3 different sync requests to the 3rd party application.  And, the 3rd party app is finicky.  The request need to be in order, one at a time.

I needed to chain these requests together, but really did not want to introduce any of the gems I could find that would help me.  The gems were just “too much” for what I needed.  I ended up writing a “Command” class to call the various workers.  The command object would include itself as a param to the Sidekiq worker and the worker would then call the command class as part of it’s last step.  It ended up looking like this:

The command class needs to be able to serialize and deserialize from JSON since that is how Sidekiq persists parameters.  I wasn’t sure why I needed to do the deserialization in the worker myself, but it “worked”.

One thing I like about this strategy better than having a worker directly call the next worker is that from this command class, I can see exactly what workers are going to be called and in what order.  I can also use the workers independently, without being chained.  And, if I have another command  that needs to call a worker but getting the worker param is different, that logic is encapsulated in the command class.  Not spread around who knows where.

I still consider myself relatively new to Ruby and I’m not sure of the merits of Object.const_get vs. some other method, so feedback is appreciated.

Version Info:

  • Rails 4.2.7
  • Ruby 2.2.4
  • Sidekiq 4.1.4